Hello, my name is Eoin (Oh-in) and I’m from Ireland (home of Leprechauns… apparently). 

I recently returned home, unexpectedly, as a result of the uncertainty posed by COVID-19, from my project in Mkushi, Zambia where I was volunteering as a Development Instructor at a Teacher Training College under Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Zambia.

Whenever I’m not napping, I’m focused on learning about the challenges faced by those marginalised in our big world.

Let’s not be naive, no one can single handedly ‘change the world’- the world, that over time, has become brittle – however, even though life itself can get in our way, we can all take some time to at least ‘change someone’s world’. 

I agree. That’s still quite ambiguous. So, where does one begin?

Personally, I focus on critiquing, and continuously shaping my outlook (dearcadh: gaeilge) on life based on experience and self learning.

It’s not about where you end up, it’s about being proud of the journey; and yes, this includes making many mistakes – we’re human after all – we live and we learn.

A good starting point:

  • be open-minded when encountering different cultures and ways of life – how can we be sure that ‘our’ way is the right way?
  • take time to listen to others, process and understand – every day is a learning day.
  • focus on building relationships as a key component for progression; or put simply, life becomes more enjoyable when you start to take interest in others – try it, you’ll be surprised how judgmental you can be while on auto pilot!

Feel free to follow my journey, as I spend a lifetime hurting my brain trying to make sense of the endless inequalities in our world; while steadily working towards contributing to sustainable solutions.